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Petting Zoo - Animal Nursery & Mobile Farms

Providing unique, fun, educational and engaging animal experiences in a supervised, supportive, caring environment.


Pony Rides & Parties For All Occasions

Providing closely supervised, well educated and beautifully presented ponies and miniature horses for all occasions.

Pet & Equine Assisted Therapy

Our animals are like little counsellors with fur, providing loving comfort,

A welcome diversion ...

Animal Hire - For all occasions

Suppliers of animal artists for photography, commercials, TV, Film and much more!

The Amazing Animal Farm That Comes To You!

At Animals 2U, our mission is to provide a safe haven for rescued animals.

As you can imagine, helping so many animals comes at a huge expense.

By providing mobile animal farms, we not only provide a unique, fun, educational and engaging animal experience, in a supervised, supportive and caring environment.  We also raise funds, so we can continue to help animals throughout the year.

During our visit, the animals are free to roam inside our enclosure and mingle with all the visitors.  When our animals are on display at events, we ensure they have a rest area, so they can get a break from visitors, whenever they need it.

All our animals are friendly, as most of then have been rescued or fostered after being dumped (kittens) or rejected by their mothers (lambs, kids, rabbits) and hand raised with lots of love and care at our farm.

Our mobile animal farm is suitable for all occasions and all ages, offering a hands on animal experience which can be set up, both indoors and outdoors, with minimal mess or fuss.

Our mobile petting zoo services the Melbourne metropolitan and regional / country Victoria, and is staffed by expert animal handlers, experienced in animal husbandry and public relations, with many years of experience working with children and with current Victorian Government  Working With Children  credentials.

Colourful uniforms are also worn, and staff are friendly, knowledgeable,  patient and eager to answer questions, which adds to the great experience!

Animal health and wellbeing is VERY important to us, this is why we do not remove baby animals from their mothers, we only have baby animals that are either weaned or animals we have rescued that have been rejected or orphaned.

Because of the love and respect we have for all our animals, we have invested our hard earned money back into the business and purchased vans with dual air-conditioning, so that both humans and animals travel in safety and comfort.  

We are AGAINST, the use of hot inhumane trailers, station wagons, Utes and vans that can reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees and upwards on a hot summers day, when stopped in traffic.

So when only the best, most humane and reliable, mobile animal farm will do, call us today and we will come to you!

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