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Trick Pony

Eskimo is available for hire for TV, Film, commercials, Photo shoots, Turkish Sunnets and live shows.  Any occasion where a real white fairytale horse or pony is required.  

Eskimo is a little white horse that will do what you ask as he has also been extensively educated.  Eskimo smiles, answers Yes and No questions, sneezes, bows, says his prayers, goes to bed, sits down, rolls over, trots in a small circle around the talent or model, works at liberty, rears up, pirouettes like a ballerina, wave with his front leg “hello”, dance the cha cha with his back legs, spins left and right, he comes running when called, pick pockets, blows a horn, kisses, counts and much more!

Eskimo is a stunning pint-size performer who also attends private parties, fetes, fairs, festivals, race days, nursing homes, child care centre’s, shopping centres and schools, standing at 37 inches, Eskimo will entertain with his vast repertoire of tricks performing up to 3 shows daily of 20 minutes.

So why not book Eskimo today?


Friendly Donkey
Is our spotted Irish miniature donkey, his spots are hidden under his beautiful white coat, He is 36 inches tall and has a very gentle nature, this shy boy doesn’t like to boast about his stardom, but just between you and I, he has appeared as a candidate for the August 2010 election featured in ZOO weekly magazine, his best friend on the farm, who he never wants to be away from, is Cooper our tiny miniature pony.


Miniature Shetland Pony

Cooper is one of our oldest and smallest equines.  He is a miniature Shetland pony who measures only 27 inches at the age of 11 years.  He is smaller than our Great Dane “Harley”  He has featured in Urban Animal Magazine and in a few photo shoots.

Indian Runner Ducks

Runner Ducks
Our Indian Runner ducks are no ordinary ducks, they appear in shows together with our Border Collie dog performing on stage for large audiences at shopping centres and private functions.  They are very cleaver ducks, as they can weave their way through and over obstacles and put themselves away in their box.

Sheba the Working Dog

Working Dog
Sheba is one of the smartest dogs you will ever meet, she loves cuddles and cake, and can’t wait to help you clean up any spills or round up any of the critters which may try and wonder off when your not looking.  She keeps all the animal on the farm in check, and loves to work all day, every day.

Guinea Pigs

We have too many piggies to name, but we love them all and they are all unique, some have long fuzzy hair, and some have short hair with special hair dues, they love to eat all day long, and we bring lots of food with us, so that they are able be be feed by all the children.


Many of our bunnies were donated to us from families that couldn’t take care of their bunnies anymore, and we are grateful for our new additions, and think that our bunnies love all the cuddles and attention they receive from all the children at the parties we attend, some of them run up to you for attention, they are just adorable.


We collect all the eggs laid by our hens on the farm and place them in our incubator for 21 days, then they all hatch out like popcorn and we take good care of them by keeping them in clean warm hutch until they are strong enough to come and visit you at your party. Our chicks love to be hand fed and kept warm in their own little towels.

Because we breed fancy frizzle chicks, they find great homes when they grow up, as they are so cute and look just like walking feather dusters when are fully grown.


Our cute indian runner ducklings are always eager for a feed, and tickle your had with their tiny beaks as they dig into their favourite food, on hot summer days we like to have a water container for them to swim in, they are so cute to watch as they frolic in the water and wiggle their little tails.