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From 24/01/15 - until 30/08/15


When booking our animal farm for up to 12 children

Receive FREE

Balloon Bending 

#special offer does not apply to groups of over 15 children, for 16 children or more, regular prices of $100 per hour are applicable for optional extras. 

(one child extra, means that the next price range applies).

All bookings made and confirmed within the special offer period will be honoured.

For events:

Pony rides are $125 + GST per pony and handler per hour 

(minimum of 2 ponies for 2 hours applies if not booked with our animal nursery)

When booking our animal nursery, there are no minimums for the pony rides, which means you can book 1 pony for 1 hour for an extra $125 + GST.

Face Painters and Balloonists are $100 + GST per hour

(no minimum, however we do not supply face painters on their own, face painters are only available as part of a package when booking an animal farm or pony party/rides)